Dear visitor,

I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to the Turkish Business Council in Dubai and Northern Emirates and Turkish Business Council in Abu Dhabi for their valuable contributions to the economic relations between Turkey and the UAE.

Turkish Business Councils play a significant role in bolstering the economic and commercial ties between Turkey and the UAE through raising awareness, providing guidance for doing business and offering mutually beneficial investment opportunities. Turkish Business Councils also support the Turkish businessmen who do business in the UAE and bond with the Turkish community with their activities.

Turkey-UAE relations is that of two brotherly peoples, taking its strength from close cultural, social, religious and historical ties and, today, poised to progress rapidly and substantially.

UAE is already Turkey’s 9th biggest export partner overall and the biggest among the GCC countries. Besides trade, significant investment opportunities exist in both countries, especially in the real estate, hospitality and construction sectors. We are encouraging more UAE investments in Turkey and vice versa.

The UAE stands as one of the most diversified and most dynamic economies in its region and beyond. The UAE is also a crucial hub with its logistical and financial infrastructure for many international companies which aim to expand to the GCC, Africa and Asia.

In this vein, the number of the Turkish companies, operating in the UAE, is growing day by day. Currently, there are about over 10 thousand Turkish citizens living and more than 500 Turkish companies operating in the UAE. Turkish firms are always present in good numbers in all fairs and exhibitions in the UAE, often in the top three in terms of participation. Growing and solid interest of Turkish companies in the UAE market bodes well for a very bright prospect entailing intense interaction and further increasing trade volume.

It is my firm belief that this directory will be a useful guide in connecting the Turkish business community to the local market and beyond by providing further opportunities.

I extend my warmest greetings to the visitors of this website.

Can Dizdar
Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the United Arab Emirates