Get2gether dated 26/02/2020

Monthly Get together events for Turkish Business Council are going on.


From comparatively small beginnings in 2009, Abu Dhabi Turkish Business Council or TBC as it is now popularly known, has grown in stature and influence with members comprising of corporate and individuals. TBC is a non-profit organization.

I would like to draw your attention to the vibrancy of the young and highly educated population of Turkey. It becomes clearer each day that Turkey provides many opportunities for Emirati businesses of all types. We work strongly to enhance the business potential between Turkey and UAE. The Membership to TBC gives members access to key decision makers within the Turkish business communities. Conversely, members also enjoy the support of the UAE government and Institutions in their efforts to create business opportunities.

The TBC works closely with the Turkish Trade Attaché at the Turkish Embassy. Prospects also exist for members to widen their social contacts within the business community and elsewhere by participating in a number of social and business events, a number of which are organized and staged at the Turkish Embassy by kind permission of the Turkish Ambassador.

Links with other business groups in Abu Dhabi and regional Turkish Business Groups remain a strong part of our focus with those groups take place to provide a platform for exchange of views and opinions on business activities.
The membership profile encompasses many different disciplines and offers members and guests networking opportunities throughout the year by means of monthly luncheon or dinner events. “Get 2 Gether” is our regular networking event (normally held on the first Monday of each month). This event provides our guests venue to meet, socialize, discuss business opportunities of local interest, all with the purpose of promoting and enhancing business and trade relations between Abu Dhabi and Turkey.

I invite you to join us to enhance your business network and utilize the support and assistance we provide to strengthen your businesses related to UAE and Turkey.

Ibrahim Eskiocak
Turkish Business Council Abu Dhabi


Pazartesi, 17 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events
Dear Turkish Community and Friends, We wish you a prosperous year ahead. Abu Dhabi Turkish Business Council cordially invites you to our first Get2gether of 2019. You are welcome to extend our invitation to your friends and colleagues also. Event Details: Date: 23/01/2019 Wednesday Time: 19:00-21:00 Venue: Jazz n Fizz – 36th Floor, Sofitel Hotel,
Pazartesi, 03 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events, News
HE Vural Altay was kind enough to open his residence for our council and its member to host get together event. Turkish Embassy new building and included residence was official opened by HE Ahmet Davutoglu Ministry of foreign affairs a while ago. State of art building was shining and accommodating all of our member. It
Pazartesi, 03 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events, News
Small Medium Business companies exhibition has been attended in order to display their product and services. 3 days exhibition was also attended many government people as well as company directors
Pazartesi, 03 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events, News
Mr.Irfan Tansel has been voted for Chairman of Turkish Business Council Abu Dhabi by the executive committee and successfully appointed to chairman position. Mr.Tansel took over the position from Acting Chairman Mr.Omer Kurt who has been on the position for last 6 months.
Pazartesi, 03 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events, News
Turkish people in Abu Dhabi meets each other and celebrate Eid and presented gifts for kids. A memorable day after holy month of Ramadan.
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Turkish Business Council Chairman and executive comittee members have attended “Abu Dhabi – Turkiye Business Forum” on 4th March 2013 at Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel. It was observed how Turkish and Abu Dhabi business grown in the past couple years. In seqeunce Chairman of Abu Dhabi Chamber of commers, TIM Vice President, HE Sheikha Lubna
Pazartesi, 03 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events, News
Date: 27/11/2019 Wednesday Time: 19:00-21:00 Venue: VaKaVa, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers – Abu Dhabi Location Map: Link: Details: Free entrance to all society. Visitors will pay their own orders. There will be 20% discount on food and beverages.
Pazartesi, 03 Şubat 2020 / Published in Events, News
Monthly Get together events for Turkish Business Council are going on. Either a member or non-member everyone is invited to establish a great network and collaboration with Turkish Business Council Abu Dhabi.